Friday, 30 March 2007

GTA IV do you still care?


I like the idea of going back to liberty city, I like the graphics, I like playing a Russian (i'll be doing a bad accent the whole way through)

Huge nose though....

View the trailer here

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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Always bet on black?

Okay, this is hardly news; but, who else is feeling totally underwhelmed right now?

I love my Xbox 360, I really do, and now there's a nice black version that will match into my HiFi rack. Cool!

I'm not going to bemoan the price of the 120GB HDD (those 2.5" drives ain't cheap to start), I'm not even going to criticise having an extra SKU (ok, maybe a little).
But, really, why in the name of all things good and holy could they not have got the 65nm (smaller cooler design for the main CPU) architecture in there? There's a lot the PS3 needs to learn from the 360, but the 360 could certainly sound more like the PS3 (i.e. silent) and less like a leaf blower. Maybe we have to wait for the Xbox 360 Ultra Halo edition?

Introducing Xbox 360 Elite

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Friday, 9 March 2007

It's scary in the dark

It's funny how some concepts are just so 'right'. Penumbra is one of those games; dark, foreboding and with a difficulty and tension level that makes Condemned look like Viva piƱata. I've been tracking this game for a while now, and now the demo is out, advise you to do the same. A slab of episodic gaming and with the possibility of a Wii conversion, regardless, this game will have an impact on other titles in the future. Maybe the adventure genre isn't dead after all...

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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

That's why, goldeneye...

That's why my girlfriend didn't think that Goldeneye was cool. Apparently I must have had s**t in my eye. Strange how seeing several fellow nerds running around is all it takes to make you realise how daft a game is.


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