Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Mine, all MINE!!

OK, so I'm diverging from the topic of games slightly (I apologize) but, given that DRM affects us all I thought I'd post this.

Strange that the studios (be they game/music or movie) seem to think that the way to increase sales is to make less people buy multiple copies of the same IP at higher prices. Strange also that apple is charging more for DRM free music (In a roundabout way).

And now we come to Digg valiantly (if possibly foolishly) "sticking it to the 'man'". Apparently you can get into trouble simply for publishing a set of digits in HEX if someone already owns them. This being the case I suggest you go and snap up your own quick (supplies are strictly limited).

But you can't have these..

D7 39 4E A8 82 5F 29 53 28 5E 86 A6 36 0F E3 A5

They're already mine and have sentimental value to me...

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