Thursday, 8 November 2007

Gee, thanks guys.

It's lucky Sony like to look after it's consumers; who knows what would happen if they didn't start to region lock their demo's? Chaos, probably, people downloading a demo of what might be the only game worth buying on the increasingly redundant PS3. Perhaps dirty filthy pirates on this side of the pond enjoying using their PS3's as something other than a cheap blu-ray player?

Terrible times averted indeed. I'm off to buy one of the fantastic titles currently available, uh...

Oh Yeah, Crysis, Mass Effect or maybe I'll just return to Halo3 or Bioshock.


Okey dokey. Naughty Dog have fixed the demo so it works for PAL machines. Looks like it was an honest mistake, though given Sony's track record you can hardly blame for overreacting. Having played the demo...

Graphics: Good, not clearly better than a 360 game, but some lovely touches and great animation. Terrible explosions like something out of Quake II
Sound: Allright, but weedy weapon sounds, decent voice acting.
Gameplay: Bizarre that the game seems rather heavily focused on it's sub Gears style gameplay, as opposed to it's rather nice Tomb Raider exploration.

Looks like yet another solid 8/10 game for the PS3, when will the real AAA titles appear?

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