Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Why, every year, why?

It's the same story every year, I should be worrying about whether to buy Far cry 2 on PC or 360. I should be weighing up the pro's and con's of mouse control compared to a 65" screen, but noooo. As so astutely pointed out by the lads at Penny Arcade, the problem is worse. Much worse.

Not satisfied with the excellent Crysis Warhead, Brothers in Arms and Warhammer (for those people who can afford to commit a thousand hours to a game) and Spore in the last few weeks we have a full on assault on my attempts to start studying, apparently nobody buys games at any other time than the last week of October.....

We have the trifecta of PS3 titles finally tempting me to re-purchase one of the black behemoths...

Little Big Planet, Resistance 2 and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

Then we have the previously mentioned Far Cry 2 across all (non-Wii) platforms, plus, Red-Alert 3, Fallout 3, Dead Space, Gears of war 2, possibly Diablo 3, Treyarch might yet make a decent CoD, Saints Row 2 and Fable 2.

Recession, what Recession? It does seem, just like every year, that many companies producing great games like BiA, the kind of game that just lacks the cache of bigger titles could well get lost in the mix.

Things have gone so insane I wouldn't be that taken aback by a surprise release of Duke Nukem Forever. Maybe George Broussard will push it out quitely next month...

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Really? that many?

So, all hail the new champion, 1.5million phones sold without being on sale. The Telegraph, and well everyone is reporting that the new Google G1 android phone (available exclusively via T-Mobile in the US later this month) has already "sold-out" twice over on pre-orders and has passed the 1.5 million mark. Impressive stuff indeed, it does make you wonder though quite how this feat has been achieved.
The Apple iPhone 3G took weeks after going on sale to achieve that sort of figure despite massive advertising and a launch across 21 countries. Hell, even AT&T's 3G network starts to look good compared to T-Mobiles offering. Now fair enough the Google name carries a lot of weight and having HTC manufacture the device is always going to be a good move to get in with the Technorati who recognise that brand, but no-one from Google or T-Mobile have stepped forward to confirm these figures.

Still, maybe people are a lot more confident (with reason) that a sim-unlock will follow hot on the heels of the devices release and I for one welcome the concept of a truly open phone platform , let's just hope that it can convert it's geek appeal into mainstream sales to drive software development. With companies like Samsung, Motorola and LG also pitching in, how could it fail...?

Motorola....errrr, ok, maybe they won't be much help.

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