Thursday, 15 July 2010

Dell Streak review

A lovely phone, just look at the size of it! I was also pleasantly stunned by the fact that you really can whack that glass screen as hard as you like with no ill affects. Wish the iPhone 4 could say the same.

Oh, and yes that is a very unfortunate first frame on the video!

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Well, there is no denying this is one beast of a phone:

The general reaction from most people is a subtle combination of ‘wow’ and ‘dear god!’, but as geeks we can’t afford to be put off simply because someone thinks we look stupid (it’s never stopped me before).


In the hand the Dell streak feels solid and has little to no flex which makes it feel extremely well engineered, the back of the phone is a soft touch metal which gives a feeling of quality whilst not showing too much in the way of marks or smudges. The back is also easy to remove to access the battery, sim slot and microSD card.

As noted in the video there is a double depress camera shutter button which is great though is does require quite some force to take a shot which can lead to camera shake (though you can, of course, just use the on screen shutter button)
Around the front we have touch sensitive controls which are ok as well as the 800 X 480 screen which, when switched off, gives the appearance of having no bezel. It looks cool and even confused the dell product designers enough to draw a bezel-less screen on the packaging.
Overall, great design, though the phone isn’t exactly comfortable to hold to your ear due to its girth as well as it being totally flat. But this phone isn’t about phone calls..

Call quality

Terrible, not so bad for the other end by dreadful for your end, flat, tinny and lifeless whether through the earpiece or rear speaker. This is a phone that loves Bluetooth headsets.


The Streak runs Android 1.6 with a possible upgrade to 2.2 by the end of the year. This can’t come soon enough frankly as this phone is crying out for more oomph. My other issue is that the dell customisations to the UI have focused on functionality whilst in landscape mode and personally I feel this has caused many of the strange quirks of the system. Stock Froyo on this device would be great, of course that’s down to the modders; I suspect that this device won’t attract that sort of attention though.


7/10 with current software, probably a 8/10 with Froyo
A great phone that is perhaps more suited to geeks or vertical markets than real people. You can’t deny though, it’s certainly a statement.

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