Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Big boy hug for Apple and Verizon

Well, as predicted by the entire internet the iPhone is now available on Verizon, America largest (and by most accounts, best) network.
This is, of course, big news. The deal with Verizon will open up the American market to a much greater extent for Apple and mean that many people who didn't wish to switch can now rush out to purchase an iPhone 4.

Of course this means we are probably in for another round of signal strength comparisons/complaints and Apple will now have to decide what to do when their typical summer release comes around for the iPhone5. It's possible they could just make minor tweaks ala the 3GS to not alienate users too much or possibly they will offer existing users a good price on a (very) early upgrade. It seems unlikely that Apple would want to move forward with two different dates and SKU's for long however.

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Pocket PC returns

Ever since the Halycon days of the OQO, it seemed that the concept of a full blown PC in our back pockets was but a small step from reality. Of course, anyone who used an OQO was well aware of the compromises in power and battery life; but surely, we wouldn't have to wait long?

Well, it looks like the long wait could finally be over, Engadget calls it "one of the most amazing [...] things at CES" and I'm inclined to agree. Motorola have announced the Atrix (have a quick gander at the video linked above) and, at a quick glance it's already impressive - large screen, 5MP camera, Dual core tegra and 1GB DDR2 - but the real power is the docking stations and software.

The Atrix can run a linux desktop OS on top of Android which can launch automatically when docked, piping HDMI video and audio and giving you a familiar mouse and keyboard setup. It will also has a11 inch laptop shell available. With Citrix support for enterprise, flash for consumers and some really nice design touches this is a device which deserves to create an impact on release.

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