Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Time to shop

A diversion from the norm as I'm trying to an iPad 2 in the iSave, iWrite, iPad competition from!

It's got me thinking about deals in general, I've recently been abusing Tesco as much as possible thanks to their fantastic price check offer, I've re-negotiated my O2 broadband down to £10 a month by going through retentions, purchased computer games cheap to take advantage of generous trade-ins. In general I've been working hard to prepare for our first child, due in august. I can certainly see that I'll be glued to the deals on looking to save money. Normally I save so much money on HotUkDeals I can hardly afford it! Hopefully buying nappies means I won't get as carried away like when I'm buying a new set of speakers that's so cheap I have to buy them to save more money.

I noticed in town this week though that another independent games retailer had closed down. I was always telling myself I would shop there to support them but somehow, like everyone else it would seem, I never did. I'm still going to carry on using sites like PlayPennies and HotUkDeals to make my wage go a little further but I'm determined to at least pop in my few remaining local shops to browse, and who knows..

..maybe even buy something.

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